Don’t be fooled by the political jargon.

The changes being proposed to our abortion laws are not simply about women’s rights.

It is also about when humanity becomes valuable.

If abortion is legalised without any gestational limit, this will legally establish that human life is of no worth right up until the moment before birth.

The argument cannot logically be that this is unlikely to happen, the point is why would we legalise it so that it can happen? Should a civilised, humane government and society ever agree to make such a thing legal?

Should it be okay, by law, for a woman to take the life of another viable human being?

These late term abortion law changes actually boil down to…
If it’s ‘wanted’ it’s invaluable (premmie births), but if it’s ‘unwanted’ it is not worth anything.

To insist on a woman’s rights at the expense of another fully formed human being, perfectly capable of surviving outside of her body, is nothing short of infanticide.

Here’s the significant question regarding late term abortion:

Why must the baby die?

  • A woman can terminate her late term pregnancy without terminating the life of the child.
  • She retains her right to terminate her pregnancy along with her parenthood.
  • And an innocent, viable human being retains the right to live their life.

Back in 1969 when abortion was first legalised, a limit of 28 weeks was imposed because of the ethics of recognising that a baby’s life was viable from that gestational age.

Our laws should reflect at least the same level of humanity that they were implemented with and should be updated with the current new age of viability, that is a 24 weeks gestational limit.

Let’s stand up for that reality.