Why must the baby die?

  • On the grounds of ‘human’ rights.

A ‘human’ fetus, whose life is viable outside the womb, should have a right to life.

Why does the woman have the right to terminate a human life when it is unnecessary in order to achieve reproductive control over her pregnancy.

  • A woman should not be given the right to end the life of a viable human being when it is not necessary. No-one has that right, nor should that right be legalised under humane and ethical government.
  • From 24 weeks the onus should be on the doctor to perform a ‘pregnancy’ termination (not a ‘human’ termination) with the intention of preserving the baby’s life.
  • Delivery is no more invasive than current late term abortion procedures, in fact most often it will be quicker and easier, and as from mid-term is statistically less risk than a termination.

Beyond 20 weeks of gestation, the immediate risk of death to the woman from elective abortion procedures exceeds the woman’s risk of death from delivery.

One study has shown that, compared to abortions performed at eight weeks gestation, the risk of death increases exponentially by 38% for each additional week of gestation.      Bartlett et al., (2004) op. cit.


20-23 weeks

  • Potassium Chloride into heart or amniotic fluid (or umbilical cord)
  • Dilatation – Misoprostol & Laminaria – 1-2 days (for dilation of cervix)
  • Evacuation /  Dismemberment


>23 weeks

  • Potassium Chloride into heart or amniotic fluid (or umbilical cord)
  • Dilatation – Cook’s catheter & Laminaria & Prostoglandin (Prostin)
  • Induction of labour – Intravenous drip (synthetic oxytocin)


Partial birth abortion

  • Delivered alive and breach (legs first)
  • Terminated by insertion of catheter into the base of the brain
  • ontents extracted and skull crushed

Partial birth abortion is also referred to as ‘Intact Dilatation and Extraction’ abortion

This method is banned in the United States


  • The baby is removed alive
  • The woman relinquishes all maternal rights
  • The baby is placed for adoption.

This will

  • Discourage late term abortions
  • Increase adoptions and reinstate this as a credible option that will be accessed by grateful infertile couples.
  • Give a viable human child the right to live their life