‘Termination of Pregnancy Bill’

Use no more than 1-3 statements that you feel most passionately about. Short letter or email is best.

The most simple and powerful message that you can sent your MP is:
‘If you vote for legalising abortion up to birth, other than to save the mother’s life,

  • The only updating abortion law needs is to reduce the gestational limit to the new stage of viability (22weeks 6 days) Taking human life beyond this point is inhumane.
  • The only justifiable reason to extend abortion up to birth is to save the life of the mother.

(*Modern medical technology can detect congenital abnormalities by 23 weeks)

Explain to me WHY THE BABY MUST DIE after the age of viability?

Viability means the baby is able to survive independent of its mother. If she does not want the baby, it can be removed from her body with life preserved and placed for adoption. The woman can accomplish a termination of her pregnancy WITHOUT taking the life of her unborn child. It is unnecessary.

  • It is professional neglect to allow rural or remotely located women to be given access to a medication whose Product Information [PI] specifically warns against doing so. The high risks of complications associated with medical abortion is well documented in SA. (9.8% – 2016….ie nearly 10%) (12x the risk of surgical abortion) Users of this medication are instructed by the Product Information to be located where they can receive emergency health care ‘at any moment’. Rural women seeking a medical termination are not inconvenienced any more than many other medical treatments that require travel or medical supervision.
  • The qualification of being considered ‘medically appropriate’ by two doctors will not stop legalised abortion to birth from being abused. The Attorney General has stated that this condition will include mental health. Current figures show that 95% of current abortions are now approved for the ‘mental health’ of the mother, contravening our current abortion laws and resulting in abortion on demand. This bill is open to the same abuse by our medical professionals which will result in abortion on demand up to birth. Our original laws include provisions to respect viability for life, making abortion illegal after this point. At the least, this level of humanitarianism should be maintained.
  • Why take the law out of the Criminal Law Act when it is not criminalising women at all, nor affecting their access, but providing essential safeguards. (eg ensuring abortions are performed in the safety of hospitals, requiring the reporting of babies born alive, protecting women from a partner violently or deliberately causing the termination of a wanted pregnancy etc)

If it is removed to the Health Act, sanctions for breach of the law must remain.

  • What protections exist for babies who are born alive? What will the clinical guidelines be, because in other states they are left to die (eg 2015 Qld figure was 27… increasing every year since 2005. In Vic 2016 the figure was 33)
  • The assertion that only a small amount of late term terminations will occur and only with severe disabilities, is not true. Already there are 120/yr (post 20wks ie ‘late term abortions’) performed in SA (Pregnancy Outcome SA 2016 report)… and more were for the ‘mental health’ of the mother than for congenital anomalies of the baby.

       [Abortion to birth? ‘NO WAY, NOT IN SA’]

South Australians are compassionate humanitarians