It is continually cited that late term abortions (post 20 weeks) are only, or predominantly, performed because of a detected disability or abnormality in the baby.

This is not the case.

Latest SA statistics reveal that over half of the late term abortions performed in SA were not related to any disability or abnormality in the baby.

It is also stated that hardly any late term abortions occur.

That depends on whether you think 120 per year is a small number or not. And this is a 25% increase from 90 in the previous year.


Latest Pregnancy Outcome in SA statistics

Table 78: Reported reason for termination of pregnancy by gestation, South Australia, 2016


Reason for termination Gestation (weeks)
<14 14-19 20+ Total
Number Number Number Number
Mental health of woman 3861 234 58 4153
Congenital anomalies 45 62 52 159
Specified medical condition of women 11 10 10 31
Pre-existing psychiatric 3 0 0 3
Total 3920 306 120 4346