SAAAW and all our supporting organisations call on all South Australians to reject Tammy Franks (Abortion Law Reform) bill.

This bill WILL:

  • legalise the distribution of early medical abortion (Abortion Pills-RU486) by other than doctors alone and open the way to telemedicine [the remote diagnosis and treatment of patients by means of telecommunications technology].

Why is this dangerous for women?

FACT: Abortion pills have a 12X higher complication rate than surgical abortion and are particularly dangerous if taken without adequate medical supervision. They were responsible for 142 of a total 173 complications caused by abortions according to the latest Pregnancy Outcomes in South Australia report, with almost a 1 in 10 risk of complication rate (9.8%).

SA’s current abortion law acts as a barrier to corruption or abuse of best care. It also protects women living in rural and remote areas by ensuring they are in close proximity to fully equipped emergency health services whilst undergoing treatment.

Latest SA statistics reveal that this is absolutely essential.

Further information available, by visiting the following links, below.

Link to- ‘Pregnancy Outcomes SA 2016’ [specifically pages 45-53]

Link to- Medical Abortion Fact Sheet

As with other rural or remote medical conditions/treatments, women could be provided with transport to and from Adelaide and when necessary, accommodation could be provided whilst undergoing treatment or follow up (eg as for cancer patients).

Both surgical and medical abortions should remain regulated for the best health care and well-being of women.

Women deserve support and the best medical care.

Tammy Franks bill proposes the most unregulated abortion law system in the world.