SAAAW and all our supporting organisations call on all South Australians to reject the proposed changes to Abortion Law in SA.

The true FACTS about the changes are being hidden from the public

These changes WILL:

  • Completely deregulate abortion legalising it up to birth with the woman having the final say (not the doctor or the specialist

This is the express effect of the changes recommended by the South Australian Law Reform Institute (SALRI) to the Attorney-General which says there should be no gestational limits for abortion in SA.

Without doubt the intention is clearly to legalise abortion up to birth. See…

The proposed changes mean that a woman with have the ‘right’ to abort up to birth without ‘any specific criteria’ required. See…

Any reference to multi-disciplinary medical teams or two medical practitioners is only for ‘involvement’, not consent or final approval. See…

Introducing a bill demanding that abortion be legalised up to birth, at a woman’s say so, does not elevate women nor the women’s rights movement.

This law will legalise the taking of the lives of fully formed unborn babies, that are able to survive outside of the womb…by their mothers.

Autonomy cannot, does not, mean the right to take another life.

Worth noting..

South Australian women are falsely being given the impression that there are many, many supporters of these changes.

Don’t be fooled. This is not so.

Thousands have shown their support for SAAAW and are speaking up in opposition.

And many, many voices are being raised across our nation and around the world as people realise the truth that these abortion law changes mean legalising abortion up to birth. This is horrific to women.

Let your voice be heard.

Is abortion up to birth okay with you?