SAAAW and all our supporting organisations call on all South Australians to reject Tammy Franks (Abortion Law Reform) bill.

You will never hear this FACT from Tammy Franks or the Greens or the media,

but this bill WILL:

  • Completely deregulate abortion legalising it, up to birth, for any reason.

You will not find this in the wording of the bill….it is legally ‘implied’ by the total absence of gestation terms or conditions.

As is often the case with legitimate social reform initiatives, a poorly informed minority can obtain power which eventually threatens to derail the whole objective of the movement with radical changes.

One of the fundamental rights of women is to be respected and treated with equality and dignity. This right has been hard fought for. Tammy Franks is set to undermine that by introducing a bill demanding that abortion be legalised up to birth, for any reason.

The law, if passed, would allow unborn babies that are able to survive out side of the womb to be aborted without proper justification.

The women’s movement stands to lose respect if the mantra “my body, my choice” is taken to this cruel extreme.

This is insulting to women, a misrepresentation of women, and not liberating.

Tammy says all women are for it! Were you consulted?

‘Is abortion up to birth for any reason okay with you?’ 

‘Abortion in SA is already legal up to 28 weeks, and after 28 weeks to preserve the life of the woman.’

This bill will make our abortion law one of the most extreme in the world.