There are various methods of contacting South Australian politicians and letting them know your opinion regarding SA Greens MP Tammy Franks Statutes Amendment (Abortion Law Reform) Bill:

1. A Face to Face Meeting

Ringing parliament to arrange to meet with politicians is very effective.
Parliament House, Adelaide, SA, 5000
8237 9100

2. Via Phone

Ringing parliament to talk to the politicians is also very effective. Ask for your conversation and your details to be put on the record.
8237 9100

3. Via Letter

Writing a brief hand written letter is very effective, as politicians need to respond to letters.

 Parliament House, Adelaide, SA, 5000

Please contact as many MLC politicians as you can.

4. Via Email

Sending emails can be effective, when you request a response and when the politicians receive large numbers of emails.

Here are the SA Members of Legislative Council (MLC) and their email addresses. To email politicians, simply click on their email address:

Hon Connie Bonaros: connie.bonaros@parliament.sa.gov.au
Hon Emily Bourke: emily.bourke@parliament.sa.gov.au
Hon John Darley: john.darley@parliament.sa.gov.au
Hon John Dawkins: john.dawkins@parliament.sa.gov.au
Hon Tammy Franks: Franks.office@parliament.sa.gov.au
Hon Justin Hanson: JustinHanson.office@parliament.sa.gov.au
Hon Dennis Hood: Dennis.Hood@parliament.sa.gov.au
Hon Ian Hunter: hunter.office@parliament.sa.gov.au
Hon Jing Lee: jing.lee@parliament.sa.gov.au
Hon Michelle Lensink: Michelle.Lensink@parliament.sa.gov.au
Hon Rob Lucas: rob.lucas@parliament.sa.gov.au
Hon Kyam Maher: maher.office@parliament.sa.gov.au
Hon Andrew McLachlan: andrew.mclachlan@parliament.sa.gov.au
Hon Tung Ngo: tung.mlc@parliament.sa.gov.au
Hon Fran Pangallo: frank.pangallo@parliament.sa.gov.au
Hon Mark Parnell: parnell@parliament.sa.gov.au
Hon Irene Pnevmatikos: irene.pnevmatikos@parliament.sa.gov.au
Hon David Ridgway: OfficeofMinisterRidgway@sa.gov.au
Hon Clare Scriven: scriven.office@parliament.sa.gov.au
Hon Terry Stephens: terry.stephens@parliament.sa.gov.au
Hon Stephen Wade: Stephen.Wade@parliament.sa.gov.au
Hon Russell Wortley: russell.wortley@parliament.sa.gov.au