‘Why South Australians do not want abortion up to birth’

The South Australian Abortion Action for Women (saaaw) is in its third year of campaigning against the extreme proposed changes to SA abortion laws.
Disguised as simply ‘decriminalising’ abortion, and improving access for women living remotely, the changes will actually put women at greater physical and emotional health risk and will legally decree that any human being in the womb,
at any stage of pregnancy,
has no right to life.

In regards to the proposals to be contained in the bill, the Attorney-General Vickie Chapman, has said that she will be advised by the recommendations of the SA Law Reform Institute’s [SALRI] report.

Late term abortion for disability – Be aware

The proposal to extend the current gestational limit of 28 weeks right up to birth, is not for the reason of detection of severe disability. With current technology, these are nearly all detected well before 28 weeks.
Recommendation No 33 of the SALRI report clearly states: ‘…that the present disability specific provision…as to when a lawful abortion is available should be removed, and should not be included in any new law’
This means that this new law will allow abortion up to birth, for any reason. Any input from medical practitioners will not include the requirement for ‘consent’ or ‘approval’ from a medical specialist. (Recommendation No 25)
Be careful of the wording being used in the bill and to the general public, it is very misleading.
The truth of this bill is abhorrent to nearly all South Australians.